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小包装油脂Characteristic instructions:

Packaging customization:

We can provide plastic hose, aluminum hose, bottled, PE bag packaging, aluminum foil packaging, printing LOGO and one-stop service based on clients’demands.

Any size of packaging can be customized according to clients’ demands

(2g,3g,5g,10g,15g,20g,50g….200g and so on).

Grease customization: We can customize grease according to the industry application demands and costs, with all kinds of product varieties and free price.

Extensive application: It is specially designed for supporting equipment of automobile, electronics, electrical appliance, toy, seal, office equipment, industrial equipment and other products, the whole packing has the advantage of simple structure, low cost, save a lot of trouble for customers, so as to convenient for clients’ maintenance and application.

OEM jar packaging: We undertake all kinds of small packaging grease filling services, quality assurance, accuracy weight, stable delivery!





应用广泛 : 专门设计用于汽车,电子电器,数码产品,玩具,密封件,办公设备,工业设备等产品做配套使用,整个包装袋结构简单,成                    本低,省去了客户的许多麻烦,以方便客户维修保养使用。



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