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Company culture

Company prospect

To be the international first-class of oil grease research and development company and manufacturer! And dedicated to contributions to the development of China special lubrication industry.


VNOVO’s value

● Create value for customers; anyone in any position should take pride in providing clients with high quality products and services.

● Create growth opportunities to employees, and make it possible to enjoy the happiness of work and make achievements in this process.

● Kindness, fair to others, to respect others is to be respected.

● Concerning about the common interests of everyone, and not pursuing short-time interests at the cost of destroying the permanent relationship. 

● Building a working atmosphere of happy, efficient, and pragmatic.


Brand culture

Interpretation of the letter “VNOVO”:

The letter “v” is the first English letter of victory, defines “victory”

The letter “novo” is a Latin root, defines “innovation”

The combination of English letters “vnovo” means “Win in innovation”


Graphic interpretation

Blue is the dominant color, shows strong senses of technology and modernity. It implies powerful R&D capability of VNOVO.

Green represents the environment protection production concept of VNOVO, and will provide environment-friendly lubricating products for clients.

The circular combination indicates unity, and represents the development goal of globalization of VNOVO.

Company mission

Provide our clients with the most suitable lubricating grease products!

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